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two llvm libraries.

Anastasiya Ruzhanskaya
I am developing two llvm libraries (they should as MODULE .so at he end). Still , they are situated in one cmake project and at some point I want to use one pass (library) inside another. Simply including h files and getting the result of llvm analysis leads to errors:

Error opening '../build/MyCFGPass/': ../build/MyCFGPass/ undefined symbol: _ZTVN8bitwidth16OptimizeBitwidthE
 - one pass does not see another at all.

I can't link this library because it is MODULE but I also can't create a second static library as in this case the pass will try to register itself twice )(in .a and .so files).

What can be the problem that I can't use one class inside another and what can be a solution to this?

I have:
passA.cpp <- includes "passB.h",
passB.h, passB.cpp,
I want to have,, passA uses the analysis from passB.

Does the fact that I defined passB under namespace influence the problem?


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