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msys2-mingw64 cmake gives undefined behaviour, can not find include header 0 replies CMake
modifying cmake_build_type cflags per target 3 replies CMake
finding cdk 0 replies CMake
Re: toolchain file - cross-compiling windows-amd64->windows-x86 15 replies CMake
can not import target external lib before being build 0 replies CMake
Re: Finding custom qmake path 1 reply CMake
Finding custom qmake path 2 replies CMake
using fetch_content imported modules and not system one 1 reply CMake
find_path / find_package hardcoded path 3 replies CMake
linking FetchContent library 2 replies CMake
cmake with vscode 1 reply CMake
linked dependencies in exported cmake package 1 reply CMake
Re: cmake 3.12 - python libs / 32 / 64 bits 2 replies CMake
cmake 3.12 - python libs / 32 / 64 bits 4 replies CMake
Re: java_home usage 0 replies CMake
Howot add jar files in final jar file 1 reply CMake
java_home usage 2 replies CMake
Re: CMake Cookbook is out!! 0 replies CMake
overriding -03 -DNDEBUG Release flags 2 replies CMake
Re: Happy Birthday CMake! 0 replies CMake