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The Xcode generator and ASM_NASM support 2 replies CMake
Re: Computation of CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT 1 reply CMake
Computation of CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT 3 replies CMake
Re: How to produce a -config.cmake file 1 reply CMake
Good way to add arguments to CMAKE_STRIP on macOS 0 replies CMake
Specifying path of nvcc for CUDA projects using project command 1 reply CMake
Handling of generated files in POST_BUILD custom commands 0 replies CMake
Re: Project referring to CSharp project generates incorrectly? 3 replies CMake
Linker and archiver options 2 replies CMake
Force configure_file to re-run 0 replies CMake
Re: Boost + CMake + Windows + Sanity -> Possible? 0 replies CMake
CPack multiple packages 1 reply CMake
Transcriber AG 1 reply CMake
CMAKE fortran mod directories search paths awkwardness 0 replies CMake
Make clean infelicity for Fortran submodules 0 replies CMake
When is the TARGET_NAME generator expression necessary? 0 replies CMake
Re: CMAKE_SYSROOT 0 replies CMake
CMAKE_SYSROOT 3 replies CMake
(no subject) 0 replies CMake
Re: CMake update for older PPC7 1 reply CMake
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