structuring installation folders for relocatable multi-platform installations

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structuring installation folders for relocatable multi-platform installations

John Butterfield
What is the recommended way to structure installation folders for a relocatable installation for multiple platforms?

I'm looking for a structure that works with find_package module mode and config mode; something like this:

        <PLAT x ARCH x CONFIG>/

Goal is:

 * libs can be co-installed for different platforms, architectures and configs
 * includes can be shared
 * finding the includes should work in typical module mode searches
 * should just work with vanilla find_package(Foo REQUIRED), but for the appropriate platform and arch.

Considering I'd be installing mostly 3rd party libraries here, if this can be done by overriding the vars from GNUInstallDirs, it'd probably work for many libraries. The rest I guess would either have to be edited or I just give up and use separate installation dirs that include platform and arch.


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