integrating cmake configured library with other GNU based build system?

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integrating cmake configured library with other GNU based build system?

Burlen Loring
Hi All,

Can cmake generate .pc files? Can cmake generate .la files (gnu convenience libraries)? Cmake internally generates all the requisite info, how can it be accessed?

I have to integrate a cmake based library into a GNUMake build. The project has a cmake config file which works great with cmake's find_package command when integrating with another project using cmake. What do we do when a GNUMake based project wants to import our library?

I hacked a cmake script to recursively walk our libraries dependencies and inspect INTERFACE_INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES and INTERFACE_LINK_LIBRARIES to put together a unique list of libraries and include dirs, which can be used to generate the necessary info. Unfortunately so far I can only make it work as an external cmake project which is configured after we install our library.

I would like to have a solution that generates the GNU compatible configuration file (.pc,.la, etc)  integrated into our build rather than as an additional separate post install step. How have others solved this issue?



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