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hello, world!
sorry for my english:
I have several libraries that come to me in archives compiled with their header files. for unpacking and configuring the primary method I use externalproject_add(). next, I need to install them and create configuration scripts for further importing into several projects using the find_package() method. however, in this script:
# ----------------------------------------
externalproject_add( libA_external ... )
add_library( libA STATIC IMPORTED )
set_target_properties( libA PROPERTIES IMPORTED_LOCATION ... )
install( TARGETS libA ... ) # <---- I got error: install TARGETS given target "libA" which does not exist in this directory.
# ----------------------------------------
how to write such a script so that a configuration file is automatically created for importing the library and headers with find_package()?
perhaps someone has an example?
thank you.


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