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downloading ftp URL problems

Kris Thielemans-2



I’m try to get a file via ftp in EXTERNAL_PROJECT_ADD by specifying the URL. This takes a long time on my Windows machine using CMake 3.10.1 (and previous versions of CMake) as it needs multiple retries:


2>  -- Using src=''

2>  -- Retrying...

2>  -- Using src=''

2>  -- Retry after 5 seconds (attempt #2) ...

2>  -- Using src=''

2>  -- Retry after 5 seconds (attempt #3) ...

2>  -- Using src=''

2>  -- Retry after 15 seconds (attempt #4) ...

2>  -- Using src=''

2>  -- Retry after 60 seconds (attempt #5) ...

2>  -- Using src=''

-- [download 0% complete]



When using on https link, the download starts immediately.


Any suggestions why this happens, what I can do about it, or how I could specify an initial sleep period to skip the first retries (but I’m not sure if that’d help)?


Some more detail:

I’m using Windows 10 home with latest CMake installed via the msi.


Using the URL in a browser  (firefox) works fine but does need a ~5s wait before I get the “save” dialog box.


Checking the created download.cmake, it is just a loop with different sleep_seconds doing the following


Set(url “”)

execute_process(COMMAND "${CMAKE_COMMAND}" -E sleep "${sleep_seconds}")




       "${url}" "C:/Users/krisf/Documents/devel/"


       # no TIMEOUT

       STATUS status

       LOG log



Thanks for your help


Kris Thielemans
Reader in Medical Imaging Physics at University College London,
Institute of Nuclear Medicine, UCL Hospital, Tower 5,
235 Euston Road, London NW1 2BU, UK




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