configuring FCGI2 -- check typedefs in include files?

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configuring FCGI2 -- check typedefs in include files?

Kent Williams-2

There are some things I'm trying to do in setting up a config file for the FCGI2 library:

And in going from an autoconf configuration to a CMake configuration there are some stumpers:

/* Define if the fpos_t typedef is in stdio.h */
/* #undef HAVE_FPOS */

This is definitely defined, but the closest module that's applicable is CheckTypeSize, and this doesn't seem to work:

And this one, I wouldn't be able to handle without writing a custom test.
    /* Define if va_arg(arg, long double) crashes the compiler */
    /* #undef HAVE_VA_ARG_LONG_DOUBLE_BUG */


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