compiler flags passed to cmake appear doubled at build time

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compiler flags passed to cmake appear doubled at build time




For some reason, compiler flags passed to cmake, appear twice at build time. I have a message line at the bottom of the cmakelist file, and it reports the compilers flag as expected.


cmake \

    -G "Eclipse CDT4 - Unix Makefiles" \

    -D MPI=ON \

    -D CMAKE_Fortran_FLAGS="-132 -cpp -g -O0 -DIFORT" \



-- CMAKE_Fortran_FLAGS            =  -DMPI -132 -cpp -g -O0 -DIFORT


At build time, these flags are doubled:



[  0%] Building Fortran object src/modules/CMakeFiles/modules.dir/constants.F90.o

cd /users/tesari/my/build.intel/src/modules && /opt/mpi/RH6/intel_PS_XE_2013/openmpi-1.6/bin/mpif90   -DMPI -132 -cpp -g -O0 -DIFORT -132 -cpp -g -O0 -DIFORT …


This is not a critical error, I am just curious what I am doing wrong.


Thanks in advance,




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