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cmake-server, path length for pipe

Andreas Naumann
Hey cmakers,

I use visual studio code with the extension "vscode-cmake-tools" [1].
This extension uses the cmake-server functionality,
Recently, I have encountered the strange error message
     [cmake-server] CMake Error: Internal Error with
<longPath>/release/.cmserver.18775: EADDRINUSE

where the length of longPath is 101 characters. The same error is also
discussed in the issue 197 in [2].

After that, I did two small tests using the cmake server. Starting from
the longPath above, I tried

     cmake -E server --experimental --pipe=`pwd`/release/foo
     cmake -E server --experimental --pipe=./release/foo

The first test led to the error, whereas the second one worked.

Is there a path length restriction for the cmake server?

And there is an error in the cmake-server manpage. The pipe argument is
"--pipe=<named pipe> " instead of "--pipe <named pipe>"

I used cmake version 3.9.5.



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