cmake generated Xcode projects are excluded from Time Machine

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cmake generated Xcode projects are excluded from Time Machine

🐋 Jan Hegewald
Dear cmakers,

I just found a rather disturbing fact on my Mac which leads to entire Xcode projects and everything stored next to them to be excluded from the Time Machine backup:

➜  ~ cmake --version
cmake version 3.7.2

CMake suite maintained and supported by Kitware (
➜  ~ mkdir yadda  
➜  ~ xattr yadda  
➜  ~ cd yadda
➜  yadda cmake ../foo -G Xcode
➜  yadda xattr .      

Now open the generated .xcodeproj in Xcode and cmd-B (Build).

➜  yadda xattr .

Because of the com_apple_backup_excludeItem, the entire yadda directory will be excluded from Time Machine backups.
I often tweak the Xcode project as I work with it, change compiler settings, add targets etc. I definitely want this to be in my backup.
What do you think?

Jan Hegewald, Climate Sciences,


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