cmake 3.10.1 findMpi unusable

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cmake 3.10.1 findMpi unusable

Biddiscombe, John A.
My system updated cmake to 3.10.1 and now findpackage(mpi) is now unusable

After trying everything I can think of, I have ended up with this, but it still does not find mpi as the trycompile step fails to build a test mpi due to missing mpi.h

It used to be so simple. I do not want to use compiler wrappers or any other fancy detection, all I want to do is tell it an include path and a library.

Can anyone tell me what cmake var am I missing? Thanks


cmake --debug-try-compile \
  -DHPX_DIR=~/build/hpx-debug/lib/cmake/HPX \
  -DMPI_ROOT=$HOME/apps/mpich \
  -DMPI_BASE_DIR=$HOME/apps/mpich \
  -DMPI_INCLUDE_PATH=$HOME/apps/mpich/include \
  -DMPI_C_INCLUDE_PATH=$HOME/apps/mpich/include \
  -DMPI_CXX_INCLUDE_PATH=$HOME/apps/mpich/include \
  -DMPI_INCLUDE_DIRS=$HOME/apps/mpich/include \
  -DMPI_C_INCLUDE_DIRS=$HOME/apps/mpich/include \
  -DMPI_CXX_INCLUDE_DIRS=$HOME/apps/mpich/include \
  -DMPI_HEADER_DIR=$HOME/apps/mpich/include \
  -DMPI_C_HEADER_DIR=$HOME/apps/mpich/include \
  -DMPI_CXX_HEADER_DIR=$HOME/apps/mpich/include \
  -DMPI_ADDITIONAL_INCLUDE_DIRS=$HOME/apps/mpich/include \
  -DMPI_C_ADDITIONAL_INCLUDE_DIRS=$HOME/apps/mpich/include \
  -DMPI_LIBRARY=$HOME/apps/mpich/lib/ \
  -DMPI_C_LIBRARY=$HOME/apps/mpich/lib/ \
  -DMPI_CXX_LIBRARY=$HOME/apps/mpich/lib/ \
  -DMPI_LIBRARIES=$HOME/apps/mpich/lib/ \
  -DMPI_C_LIBRARIES=$HOME/apps/mpich/lib/ \
  -DMPI_CXX_LIBRARIES=$HOME/apps/mpich/lib/ \

John Biddiscombe,                        email:biddisco
CSCS, Swiss National Supercomputing Centre  | Tel:  +41 (91) 610.82.07
Via Trevano 131, 6900 Lugano, Switzerland   | Fax:  +41 (91) 610.82.82


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