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add_test with large input files

Olivier Pierard
Dear all,

Once again, I need your precious help !

I'm trying to convert my test suite to one suitable for CMake/CTest.

My executable for the tests is the major target of the CMake project.
Running a testcase requires an input file, which is always 'input.dat',
each one stored in a different subfolder.  These input.dat files contain
relative paths to other files (e.g.: a Finite Element mesh; that's why I
don't want to copy these files).  So I adopted the following structure:
- Project Root
    - Src
    - Validations/Test1
    - build
/Instead of:
/- Project Root
    - Src
    - Src/Validations/Test1
    - build/

I expected to use as working directory the Validations/Test1 folder (so
that I keep the Src folder clean) so that input files and dependent
files could be found.  But, of course, it's running in the
build/Validations folder.

How could I manage this ?  Is there a way to define the working
directory for tests ?
An ugly solution could be the creation of symbolic links but I cannot
imagine this is the right way to deal with input files; and I'm not sure
it's portable on Windows.

Thank you very much for your help !!!

Olivier Pierard

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