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Windows crash dialog for tests

Dzenan Zukic
Hi everybody,

I am trying to debug a thread pool class in ITK. Some of the tests crash "at random". When a program crashes in Windows, normally a dialog pops up with options "report, debug, close". When a test crashes while being invoked by cmake, there is no pop-up dialog which would allow me to attach a debugger and see why it crashed, it is rather reported like this:

179/181 Test #303: itkImportImageTest .........................................***Exception: SegFault  0.61 sec
ThreadPool constructor

"ThreadPool constructor" is the test's debug output, written before the crash occurred.

Can I disable this somehow and let the normal Windows crash dialog appear?

Option --interactive-debug-mode 1 sounded like what I wanted, but it did not have the desired effect.



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