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Windows - cmake-gui missing GUI elements


After using CMake 3.6.0 without problem, I upgraded to CMake 3.9.0 (RC1), but encountered issue (#16939), so I uninstalled that and installed 3.8.2. I am running Windows 7.


Now when I run cmake-gui.exe most of the GUI elements are hidden: the only elements I can see are the SourceDirectory line, the BinaryDirectory  line and the Output panel. There are no cache values or search options displayed. There is however a comprehensive menu bar available.


I have tried uninstalling 3.8.2 and installing 3.7.2 but the GUI is still corrupted. When I uninstall, the c:\Program Files\CMake directory is removed, and I cannot find any lingering registry entries. Clearly, something is cached that I don’t know about, as when I start up cmake-gui after reinstalling, it already has a default SourceDirectory and BuildDirectory set from the previous installation.


I can run CMake from the command line successfully. Does anyone know how I might fix the cmake-gui interface so that I can set the cache values from there?



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