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Wiki update - CMake with Eclipse

Martin Weber-2
could someone with the powers to edit the wiki to update the available options

- There is an new option: The cmake4eclipse plugin [2]. It generates the build
scripts when you build the project from eclipse -- no need to manually invoke
cmake manually with the CDT generator.

- CDT itself seems to come with CMake support [5] but I did not try it yet.

- CMakeBuilder seems to be dead [3], [4]: No downloads page, apparently no
downloads in the past year.

- In general, Eclipse users will find plugins supporting cmake in the Eclipse
marketplace [6].

Concerning CMake Editors Support [7] in the wiki, I would like to inform that
- CMakeEd project [8] has moved; it is also available in the marketplace [9].

DISCLAIMER: I am the maintainer of cmake4eclipse and CMakeEd.

Regards, Martin


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