What is the best practice for installing custom CMake modules?

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What is the best practice for installing custom CMake modules?

Timothy Wrona
I've written a custom CMake module (MyModule.cmake) and would like to install it in a sensible location on my system so my other CMake projects can find it easily.

First of all, is there an accepted standard way of doing this?
If not, is my approach below acceptable and considered good practice?

I have taken the following approach:

Project structure:


Contents of CMakeLists.txt:

cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.13.0)



Contents of MyModule.cmake:

message(STATUS "included: my-module.cmake")

Contents of MyModuleConfig.cmake

# Add this module's directory to the "CMAKE_MODULE_PATH" so it is visible after calling "find_package()"

The module can easily be built and installed with the following commands:

cmake -S . -B build
cmake --build build --target install

Once installed, the module can be used in any future CMake project as follows:


This approach seems to work quite well and is very easy to use, but I feel like modifying "CMAKE_MODULE_PATH" from "MyModuleConfig.cmake" is not really a standard way of doing things because I've never seen it done before.

Is this approach considered okay? Or is there a better more accepted way to easily make your own CMake modules visible from other projects?


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