Using find_package with different build trees

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Using find_package with different build trees

Stefanos Mitropoulos

Hello all!

I am trying to follow the modern cmake path and use the find_packages()/link libraries way.

I am using a test scenario in which: LIB_B depends on LIB_A and EXEC_A depends on both.

I was wondering how you could link EXEC_A to the debug lib version of LIB_B and the release version of LIB_A or vice versa.

On LIB_A I am using set(CMAKE_DEBUG_POSTFIX "-debug")
so my LIB_A is going to be LIB_A-debug when making the debug tree. I install them in /usr/local/lib and both reside there.

For example let's say I have this line of code in LIB_A:

#ifdef Release  

This is going to differentiate LIB_A and LIB_A-debug.

in EXEC_A I would use

find_package(LIBA REQUIRED) 
add_executable(EXEC_A main.cpp) 
target_link_libraries(EXEC_A PUBLIC LIBS::LIBA LIBS::LIBB) 

assuming I have exported the libraries in the LIBS namespace.

Is there any way to differentiate between library versions?

EDIT: I am on Linux (centos) and using GCC 8. My CMake version is 3.14

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