Using CMake with Visual Studio 2017 on Windows

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Using CMake with Visual Studio 2017 on Windows

Osman Zakir

I recently tried to build the Jinja2Cpp library on Windows 10 with Visual Studio 2017.  I had managed to do this successfully before, but when I tried it again this time after deleting the `Jinja2Cpp` directory and cloning from the GitHub repo again, I had errors in CMake and couldn't generate files correctly.  

I've attached three files to this email.  One is a text file I made myself by copy-pasting the output I got from my CMake build attempt.  The other two are the log files mentioned in said output.  

Note: The command I had used was "cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=../install".  

I opened an issue for this at the Jinja2Cpp GitHub repo as well; here: .  I want to try to edit the CMakeLists.txt file to use Clang instead if I can't get it to work with Visual Studio, but for now I want to try getting it to work with Visual Studio.  


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CMake_erros.txt (7K) Download Attachment
CMakeError.log (11K) Download Attachment
CMakeOutput.log (17K) Download Attachment