Using CMake for general scripting tasks?

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Using CMake for general scripting tasks?

Sebastian Gniazdowski
> Why do you want to integrate with CMake?

> I mean, the scripting features of CMake are a great way to create platform-
> independent scripts for a build system, but you already know that your users
> have a proper shell installed.

CMake is a swiss army knife. Coding CMake is a quality time, and I think many
users would want to have CMake integrated somewhere. My Zplugin also has swiss
army knife features. So adding CMake would result in a powerful setup.

> CMake will probably never be comparable in its scripting features to a shell 
> like Zsh. So, unless you really have a reason to use CMake, you should stick 
> with the better tool for your task (that is already guaranteed to be 
> installed).

Will think, thanks

Sebastian Gniazdowski
psprint /at/

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