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Dear users,

I'm new to the build system. I am trying to create the target `test' to run all test suites. I'm using GoogleTest to make a test suite:

in test/CMakeLists.txt

file(GLOB test_files LIST_DIRECTORIES false *.cpp)
add_executable(test_driver ${test_files})
target_link_libraries(test_driver gtest_main)
add_test(NAME test_driver COMMAND test_driver)

in /CMakeLists.txt

this effectively creates the test suite so that can be invoked through test/test_driver. However I thought that the suite, at least if I set the param EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL in add_executable, would be built and executed as part of `make test', similarly to `make check' in AutoTools builds.

What is the correct way to integrate the test suite with CTest?




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