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Elexa Petr



I am trying to add support for Renesas CCRX compiler by creating a platform file.


I have come across a problem where I try to set the CMAKE_LINK_LIBRARY_FILE_FLAG to "-library=" a space is added after the flag by CMake. Which is not the case with CMAKE_INCLUDE_FLAG_<LANG> variable.


Example command produced to link executable (notice the space between equals sign and path to a library):

rlink -nologo -library= path_to_some_lib_a.lib -library= path_to_some_lib_b.lib -form=stype -output=myprogram.mot some_object_file.obj


but I need it to look like this:

rlink -nologo -library=path_to_some_lib_a.lib -library=path_to_some_lib_b.lib -form=stype -output=myprogram.mot some_object_file.obj


Is there a way to tell the cmake to not put the space there? Or any other way to do it?


Thank you.


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