Setting global default for a target property (DEBUG_POSTFIX)

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Setting global default for a target property (DEBUG_POSTFIX)

James Turner-2

Some of the windows developers for FlightGear would like to set a build-type suffix for executables, which they can do like this:

        set_target_properties( ourexetarget PROPERTIES DEBUG_POSTFIX d )

We already set the suffix for shared libraries with:

        set(CMAKE_DEBUG_POSTFIX          "d" CACHE STRING "add a postfix, usually d on windows”)

The problem is for executables, we seem to need to set the POSTFIX separately each time. Setting DEBUG_POSTFIX as a GLOBAL property doesn’t seem to work.

Is this possible, to set the default value for a target property? Or is there something special about executable targets for this?

Kind regards,
James Turner


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