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Re: help using try_run with custom build type

George Neill
Hi All,

On Wed, Jul 8, 2009 at 2:29 AM, Denis
Scherbakov<[hidden email]> wrote:

>> > It appears to fail because the compiler options do not
>> make it in when
>> > creating the executable ... is there something silly I
>> have missed?
>> > Also, I was wondering why TRY_RUN doesn't use the
>> default flags
>> > defined from CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE ?
>> Is this a bug or am I not using TRY_RUN correctly?
> I am not sure that I understood correctly, but once I had a problem passing
> compiler flags to TRY_COMPILE. I solved it by stuffing compile flags into
> I think TRY_RUN is the same.

What's the difference between,




I realize the latter is passed as a command line option, but, Is the
first definition only supposed to contain [-/]D compiler macros, while
the latter can contain actual compiler flags?

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