Re-configure depending on Python script output

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Re-configure depending on Python script output

I wanted to use a Python script to generate dependencies for cmake, and only reconfigure if these parameters changed [like additional sources, additional linker scripts, ...].
I managed to create these dependencies in a file, read these from cmake and configure my project accordingly, via the following scheme. It should be noted that creates dependencies.txt and only overwrites the previous version, if its content changed [so that configure_file should only see a change time-stamp when the content changed].
set(PYTHON_GENERATOR pythonGenerator)
set(DEPENDENCIES_FILE dependencies.txt)
set(DEPENDENCIES_FILE_COPY dependencies.txt.copy)
# custom target to run python script
            COMMAND python
            DEPENDS ${TEST_SOURCE}
# re-configure when file changed

# create real executable target which uses the generated source file
add_executable(executable ${TEST_SOURCE})

add_dependencies(executable ${PYTHON_GENERATOR})
My current problem is that make checks whether ${DEPENDENCIES_FILE} changed before potentially creating the file dependencies.txt anew. Thus I have to run make twice, for it to see the changes.
Is there a simpler way to always run my python script before mis-using configure_file?
Do you know of a simpler way to configure only when the dependencies changed?
Hope I could state clear anough what my problem is. Would be glad to answer any relating questions. Any help is going to be appreciated.
Best regards,


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