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Michael Wild
On Wed, Jun 19, 2019 at 11:30 AM Innokentiy Alaytsev wrote:

> Hello!
> Are the header files of the shared library (DLL) listed as INTERFACE_SOURCES
> for the library target? AFAIK, the only reason for header files to be
> processed by AUTOMOC is to be part of the project. The only way that I know
> of for adding library headers to the consuming project is by declaring them
> as INTERFACE sources of the library target.
> Best regards,
> Innokentiy Alaytsev

Hi Innokentiy

Thanks, your answer gave me the hint I needed. And yes, I was being stupid :-)

Problem was that I used `target_sources( PRIVATE mywindow.cpp PUBLIC
mywindow.h )` misinterpreting what `PUBLIC` does. I figured it would
add it to the `PUBLIC_HEADER` property; I would never have imagined
that it causes the `mywindow.h` header to be added as a source to the
targets that link against the library! So, I should do some RTFM on
all the new shiny features in CMake...

Kind regards


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