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Project warning since 3.15.0-rc1

Volker Enderlein

I encapsulate the literal **project** call in a **macro** that is adding
some general settings required for every project setup.

This worked flawlessly and without warnings in the last CMake versions
since 3.4.

Beginning with CMake Version 3.15.0-rc1 the following warning pops up:

No project() command is present.  The top-level CMakeLists.txt file must
   contain a literal, direct call to the project() command.  Add a line of
   code such as


   near the top of the file, but after cmake_minimum_required().

   CMake is pretending there is a "project(Project)" command on the first

Is that a regression or is the required behavior more strictly enforced now?

Cheers, Volker


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