Object libraries and relative paths in Ninja

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Object libraries and relative paths in Ninja

Daniel Eiband



For a simple test I've got the following directory structure:


|- build

|- project

|  |- CMakeLists.txt

|  |- Main.cpp

|- CMakeLists.txt

|- Test.cpp


project/CMakeLists.txt has the following content:


  cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.12)


  project(Reproducer LANGUAGES CXX)


  add_subdirectory("${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/.." "${CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR}/..")



  target_sources(Reproducer PRIVATE Main.cpp)

  target_link_libraries(Reproducer PRIVATE ReproducerLibrary)



And CMakeLists.txt has the following content:


  add_library(ReproducerLibrary OBJECT)

  target_sources(ReproducerLibrary PRIVATE Test.cpp)



When I now run the commands:


cd build

cmake.exe -G Ninja ..\..\project

cmake.exe --build .


Then I get the error:


ninja: error: '<absolute-path>/ReproducerLibrary.dir/Test.cpp.obj', needed by 'Reproducer.exe', missing and no known rule to make it


I noticed, that the build.ninja the build rule for Test.cpp.obj has a relative path, whereas the link dependency to Test.cpp.obj is an absolute path.


Is this a known issue?





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