OBJECT Libraries and linking against targets

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OBJECT Libraries and linking against targets

Wesley Smith
I understand vaguely why OBJECT libraries can't link against other targets, but I don't think the restriction in place needs to be so constrained.  Consider the following:

* A target is being create as an OBJECT library
* A number of other targets are defined as INTERFACE target where they only set include paths, compiler options, etc.

How is it possible to communicate the dependencies expressed in an INTERFACE target to an OBJECT library?  So far the only method I've found that works is to use a handful of generator expressions, which seems like a lot of work for something that would just work if I could "link" the INTERFACE library against the OBJECT library.

Here's what I have to do:

target_compile_features(tgt PUBLIC
target_include_directories(tgt PUBLIC
target_compile_options(tgt PUBLIC
target_compile_definitions(tgt PUBLIC



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