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Ninja generator and showIncludes

Ghyslain Leclerc

I have been searching for a way to prevent the Ninja generator from issuing the showIncludes command to cl.

With our update to the latest CMake (3.8.2) on Windows (7 enterprise, at work) with the latest MSVC (2017 community), we now have a ton of messages saying

Note: including file: <file-name-here>

which makes it difficult to see the actual compilation warnings and errors.

Turned to Google and found some information about localization potentially being a problem, so I uninstalled MSVC 2017 which was in the French version and installed the English one. Turns out that only made the include messages English. :)

I searched the documentation for a target property that I could use but did not find anything. I thought of using target compile flag, but not sure how I would remove a flag.

Searched the mailing list for some info, but most of what I have found does not answer my question. For instance :

I also looked in the bug tracker and there does not seem to be any issue relating to that, so my guess is I am doing something wrong.

So if anyone else has had that problem and/or has a solution for me, I'd appreciate any insight.


Ghyslain Leclerc


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