Install needed libraries from add_subdirectory(... EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL)

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Install needed libraries from add_subdirectory(... EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL)

Dustyn Blasig
Hi All,

We have a build hierarchy of projects and generally we import needed projects into higher-level projects with EXLUDE_FROM_ALL so only dependency targets that are needed by the "uber" builds are built. However, if the subdirectory build produces shared libraries, we need those shared libraries to get installed with the uber project files. 

The documentation for EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL says the install behavior is undefined. However, I'm curious if there is a known "should work" workaround we can use, with the caveat we'll have to test things to make sure it works.

I added all the transitive dependencies to the install rules in the owning package to make progress, but that will be tricky once each part needs to be truly installed by clients separately.

Note, I'm stuck for now with supporting 3.12.4 as the minimum CMake requirement most likely.



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