How to specify build output directory path?

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How to specify build output directory path?

David Aldrich-2

I am rather confused about how to specify the output directory. I am working on Windows with the Ninja generator and Microsoft toolset. My default build type is Debug.  I am building a library and an executable:

add_subdirectory(../Kernel Kernel)
add_executable(MyExe ../Kernel/main.cpp)

The resulting directory structure, after a build, is:

Kernel       <== source files
    |-- build_msvc
            |--Kernel          <== library goes here
            |--debug          <==  exe goes here

I want the Kernel library to go into the 'debug' folder (where the exe is correctly being put).


How would I achieve this?

Which variable holds the exe output path: build_msvc/debug?

Best regards


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