How am I supposed to use FindBLAS and FindLAPACK together?

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How am I supposed to use FindBLAS and FindLAPACK together?

Alfredo Buttari
I cannot figure out how to use FindLAPACK after a succesful FindBLAS. The problem is that I make a call to FindBLAS but then a subsequent call to FindLAPACK ignores that a BLAS library was already found and searches for BLAS once again; despite the fact that this second search is useless and time consuming, the result of this second BLAS search may be different than the first one. Is there a way to tell FindLAPACK not to search for BLAS once again but, rather, to use the result of a previous call to FindBLAS ?

Besides, why does the FindLAPACK module use the BLA_VENDOR variable internally and not something with a different name such as LAPACK_VENDOR, for example?



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