Green Hills MULTI generator CMAKE_ARCHIVE_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY has no effect

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Green Hills MULTI generator CMAKE_ARCHIVE_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY has no effect

Arturo Crespo
Hello All,

I'm trying to use the Green Hills MULTI generator with CMake 3,6,2 and I'm having some problems with static libraries.

I'm creating several static libraries projects and I want the library to be created in a specific folder different from the build folder, so I tried to use CMAKE_ARCHIVE_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY as I was doing previously with NMake Makefiles JOM generator, but this variable has no effect and the created Multi project has the output path to the build folder.

I tried to use other CMake variables and if I use CMAKE_RUNTIME_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY then I get the result that I want but it's not what the documentation explains.

Did someone try something similar?



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