Generating libtool file with CMake

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Generating libtool file with CMake

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Hi !

I'm trying to port the LibVMI project from autotools to CMake:

One of the problems I have is to generate a libtool file, like autotools is already doing.

So far I have found this module on CMake wiki:

But it seems a bit old.
CMake Error at cmake/modules/Libtool.cmake:9 (GET_TARGET_PROPERTY):
  The LOCATION property may not be read from target "vmi_shared".  Use the
  target name directly with add_custom_command, or use the generator
  expression $<TARGET_FILE>, as appropriate.

Call Stack (most recent call first):
  libvmi/CMakeLists.txt:127 (create_libtool_file)

I found an updated version of this script on the GNU Radio project:

But again, another error:
CMake Error:
  Error evaluating generator expression:


  Expression syntax not recognized.

-> Can the CMake community help me a bit to generate
this libtool file on a recent CMake release ?

Thanks !
Mathieu Tarral

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