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Michał Walenciak

hello all

I'm trying to use GenerateExportHeader module from cmake.

part of my CmakeLists.txt:

add_library(gui SHARED ${gui_CPP} ${gui_HPP})

it works nice for gui project itself, but when I try to include gui's .h files
in another project, an #include "gui_export.h" cannot be find. This is obvious
as gui_export.h was created in gui's build dir which is not in include path of
other projects.

The simple solution would be to add gui's build dir to other project's
includes but: 1. I don't find it as a kosher solution 2. I could not actually
even find how to find out what is the build dir of a target

how can I solve this problem well?


Ps: I placed the same question on stack overflow. You may find it here:

Michał Walenciak kicer86
gg: 3729519


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