Finding ${prefix}install_name_tool in cross compilation

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Finding ${prefix}install_name_tool in cross compilation

Alaric Senat

I'm currently trying to compile a library from Linux to Darwin 13 with clang and I am facing a strange
issue. When CMake is trying to find the tools it needs in addition to clang (ar, ranlib, etc.) CMake
can't find the install_name_tool binary just because it has a prefix like all the other tool.

The way Cmake search for install_name_tool in the CMakeFindBinUtils.cmake file looks like this:


And for ranlib for example:


So, to find install_name_tool, cmake is not adding the prefix before, and that's a big issue for me,
each compilators tools has a prefix in my '.../bin' directory ! Do you think that this prefix missing in
the finding of install_name_tool is intended or is it just an oversight ?

Aalric SENAT


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