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Giesecke, Simon

we are using the FindBoost module, and unfortunately it seems to be very slow under Windows. find_package(boost ...) is called at various places in imported projects with different COMPONENTS and each use takes about 30 seconds, causing the total CMake run to take up to 10 minutes.

In the documentation of FindBoost, it is mentioned that it can use a cmake configuration file BoostConfig.cmake if boost was built using boost-cmake, which we do not use at the moment. I can imagine that this would speed the process up, since the required information would not be need to determined during the CMake run. However, it is unclear what boost-cmake this refers to. Can someone provide a hint on where to find information on boost-cmake, and how to use it to build boost?

Best wishes

i.A. Simon Giesecke
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PSI Software AG
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