FindBZip2 fails to set BZIP2_NEED_PREFIX if using x64

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FindBZip2 fails to set BZIP2_NEED_PREFIX if using x64

Luca Beldi

Hi Everyone,

I posted a bug ticket ( but I’m not sure if this is a bug in CMake or I just missed something.


Configuring a project that contains find_package(BZip2)


cmake "Visual Studio 14 2015" ../


will correctly produce

-- Looking for BZ2_bzCompressInit

-- Looking for BZ2_bzCompressInit - found



cmake "Visual Studio 14 2015" -A x64 ../


will erroneously show

-- Looking for BZ2_bzCompressInit

-- Looking for BZ2_bzCompressInit - not found


Using "NMake Makefiles" as generator will bear identical results for the 32 and 64 bit versions.

Tested with CMake 3.13.1


Anyone experienced this before?


Luca Beldi

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