Error doing a test compile on Windows

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Error doing a test compile on Windows

Rick McGuire
I'm in the process of moving all of my work to a new computer and I'm encountering a puzzling error using cmake for my projects. When I try to set up the project, I'm getting an error when cmake tries to do a test compile using the Visual Studio compiler. According to the error log, the problem was with locating Kernel32.lib. 

I see others on this list have encountered this problem, but none of the solutions suggested have been any help. I've completely uninstalled visual studio and the Windows SDK and reinstalled every thing. I've tried manually adding the directory with the correct Kernel32.lib to the LIBPATH. It still fails. I've done a comparison between my old machine and my new machine and everything looks the same, even the environment variables set by vcvarsall. 

I've run out of ideas here. My old machine was bricked by a Windows update back in January and I was forced to reinstall everything on the machine without encountering any problems like this. Any suggestions?



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