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Don't show components page in NSIS installer (CPack)

Alexander Shaduri

I need to install only certain components, but avoid showing
the components page in cpack-generated NSIS installer.

I have:

# Only install the main program and vcredist.
set(CPACK_COMPONENTS_ALL core vcredist)


# This installs dlls as "system_dlls" component and sets *MSVC* variables

install(PROGRAMS "${MSVC_REDIST_DIR}/vcredist_${CMAKE_MSVC_ARCH}.exe"
        COMPONENT vcredist)

The main problem is that InstallRequiredSystemLibraries unconditionally
installs the dlls which should not be installed in case of NSIS.
However, I need to include it because it provides the vcredist

So, using CPACK_COMPONENTS_ALL, I avoid installing "system_dlls"
component. However, NSIS installer shows a "Components" page which
should not be shown. So, is there any way to disable it?
So far I've only found CPACK_MONOLITHIC_INSTALL, but it causes
all the components to install.



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