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Disable dependency on a specific shared library

Kiril Vidimče
I have a shared library that always rebuilds to pick up some build-specific information (including a build time stamp).

I would like to make all targets that depend on this library not to relink against it every time that library rebuilds.

I am aware of the existence of LINK_DEPENDS_NO_SHARED but it appears that using this property will disable the dependency on ALL shared library for that target. I only want to disable the dependency on the "special" library that gets rebuilt every single time. Furthermore, as far as I can tell, even though LINK_DEPENDS_NO_SHARED prevents relinking of the immediate target that depends on the always-rebuilding-library, targets one level above in the dependency chain are still relinking all of the time.

To be clear, here is the dependency chain:

AlwaysRebuildingLibrary (ARL) -> PublicLibraryThatPublishesInfoFromARL -> Libraries/Binaries

Is there a way to do this without resorting to crazy hacks? 



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