DeployQt4.cmake on MacOSX with commandline utilities

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DeployQt4.cmake on MacOSX with commandline utilities

Andreas Pakulat-2

I'm wondering wether I'm overlooking something with DeployQt4.cmake or wether its not prepared to handle commandline utilities using Qt (and Qt plugins).

I'm having a server-like app which uses networking and the sqlite plugin and when trying to install it the INSTALL_QT4_EXECUTABLE macro seems to think that the application is an app bundle into which it can copy the Qt dependencies:

CMake Error at server/cmake_install.cmake:41 (FILE):
  file cannot create directory:

So, is this something thats not supported (DeployQt4.cmake would need to behave as on linux here basically), am I just missing something (see below for my call to install_qt4_executable) or do others package up even such commandline utilities as app bundles on MacOSX?

The install call looks like this:
INSTALL_QT4_EXECUTABLE("bin/mydaemon${execext}" "qsqlite" "" "${QT_BINARY_DIR}" "plugins" TRUE applications)



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