Cygwin DS-5 Arm Cross-compiling and how to get past Compiler Check error w/ Absolute path

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Cygwin DS-5 Arm Cross-compiling and how to get past Compiler Check error w/ Absolute path

Jimi Damon

I have an issue running the 16.1  DS-5  Arm compiler tool suite that is based around the GNU arm embedded toolchain.

The problem is that these compilers cannot process the Cygwin path structure ( Ie /cygdrive/c/....path/to/file ).

I have a build that works perfectly under Linux using CMake and a CMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE using this same DS-5 compiler build for Linux. 
The problem is that my teammates develop under Cygwin and I wanted to port this build (hence the reason for Cmake ) to Cygwin.

1. The first problem I have is that when I try to run 
cmake  -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=../../Toolchain-arm.cmake  ..  

Is that Cmake tries to run , but it uses the Cygwin absolute path to this file and fails.

As a result my compiler errors out saying 

  -o CMakeFiles/cmTC_05821.dir/testCCompiler.c.obj -c

  arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc.exe: error:
  No such file or directory  #< This is the indicator that it doesn't like Cygwin paths.

You can verify this very easily just by creating a simple hello_world.c and run the compiler with the absolute path to that file.

How can I get past this compiler check ? 

2. Is there a way to force Cmake to use relative file names or Native file names  ( something like TO_NATIVE_PATH ) when when performing the regular compilation ? I ask this because I already ran into the problem porting the manual Makefile from Linux to Cygwin and  expressions like   $(CC)  -I/absolute/path/to/file  ( rest of the line )  all failed because the compiler cannot handle the Cygwin paths.



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