Ctest svn update always shows same old/new revision number (Windows)

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Ctest svn update always shows same old/new revision number (Windows)

Dixon, Shane
I've noticed this for a while on Windows XP, but now it's suddenly a real issue for me because I'm using CTest to run a continuous build script.  It's only supposed to build if the repository has changed numbers.  On Windows XP, every time I use the Ctest CTEST_UPDATE() function, the old revision and new revision numbers are identical.  If the repo is 5213 and I update files, the next time I run ctest_update is says old/new are both 5214.  It loses the old number and both numbers are the new revision.  Since they're the same, the build never runs because it thinks no files have changed.  

Anyone else seen this?  

Shane Dixon
Linux Engineer
Atmel Corporation

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