Create relocatable package with proper autogenerated config cmake

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Create relocatable package with proper autogenerated config cmake
I have created cmake target, say A, and want to install it and create a Config file, so that the installed package could be relocatable. My code is:

install(EXPORT ${PROJECT_NAME}Targets
    FILE ${PROJECT_NAME}Targets.cmake
Here, I am having a problem with the proper destination. I want the Config file to be installed where ${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX} points to. But when I put ${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX} at ???, my resulting ATargets.cmake file contains the line:

set(_IMPORT_PREFIX "C:/Libraries/...")

which is the actual value of ${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}. This _IMPORT_PREFIX is later prepended to the parameters of set_target_properties() command inside the auto-generated ATargets.cmake, resulting in hard coded paths, valid only on the installation system.

I tried to use some generator expressions like <$IMPORT_PREFIX> in place of ???, but this gave me an error at cmake generation. I also tried to omit DESTINATION which in my opinion should place the file in the location relative to ${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}, but cmake complained about it too.

I got a suggesion on StackOverflow to use . (a dot) as my DESTINATION. This worked partially, in the way that I no longer have absolute _IMPORT_PREFIX. Unfortunately, the produced paths are still invalid: The generated ATargets.cmake contains:

get_filename_component(_IMPORT_PREFIX "${CMAKE_CURRENT_LIST_FILE}" PATH)
get_filename_component(_IMPORT_PREFIX "${_IMPORT_PREFIX}" PATH)

and the second line above is not necessary, it trims the path too much by one folder.

Do you have any ideas how to solve it?

Best regards,


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