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CTest: running script failing returning: -1

Bob Berger


I have been using CTest to successfully run continuous builds for several years, but my continuous builds have been failing since I moved them from a Windows Server 2008 R2 machine to a Windows Server 2012 R2 machine. To diagnose the problem, I added the --debug option to the CTest command-line,  and even built a debug version of the CMake source code (I'm running CMake 3.9). The output from the --debug option ends with this line:

D:\temp\cmake-3.9.0\Source\cmCTest.cxx:2182 running script failing returning: -1

Can anyone tell my what might cause CTest to return -1? How would one go about finding the underlying cause?

I can post my full output log if necessary, but it shows no errors before this one, and this one occurs just after it's successfully retrieved a revision number from my Subversion source code repository.

It's worth noting that I also moved CTest-based nightly builds from the old machine to the new, and the nightly builds run fine on the new machine. Since my nightly and continuous builds are very similar, it's surprising that one works and the other doesn't.

Thanks for any assistance,


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