CPack`ing a bunch of command line tools on OS/X

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CPack`ing a bunch of command line tools on OS/X

Torsten Robitzki
I try to pack a bunch of command line tools (and some additional data files) into an OS/X installer. When the installer is running, it should install / copy the command line tools and adjust the PATH variable (or what ever mean that comes close, to make the tools available). I use a super build structure and after build and is done, I end up with a very simple structure:

    |   |\-bjpaprog
    |   |\-bjpaserver
    |   |\-bootloader_client
    |   \-—create_package

I use TGZ and productbuild as CPack generators. The generated zip file contains all the files above. The generated pkg files, just starts the installer, but does nothing.

The CMakeLists.txt for the packing looks basically like this:

    cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.14)

    set(CPACK_PACKAGE_VENDOR "Torrox GmbH & Co KG")

    install(DIRECTORY ${INSTALL_DIR}/firmware DESTINATION .)

    set(CPACK_GENERATOR TGZ productbuild)


I have no clue, to as where to start. Any ideas, pointers, comments?

best regards,



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