CPack + WIX + vcredist, is it possible?

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CPack + WIX + vcredist, is it possible?

Alexander Shaduri

Is it possible to use CPack with WIX (Windows Installer) generator and
run vcredist_*.exe at install time?

Some considerations:

* WIX cannot run two installers at once so something called Burn has to
be used. I'm not sure whether CPack can do it, I cannot find any
relevant documentation.

* MSM (merge modules) are usually suggested instead of vcredist, but
they are discouraged by MS and there is no UCRT MSM which is needed by
programs compiled with VS2017, so vcredist has to be used.

* I don't want to use local dll deployment since it's discouraged by
MS, plus I don't think it's a good solution for various reasons.



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