CMake fixup_bundle DESTDIR problem

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CMake fixup_bundle DESTDIR problem

Randolph Fritz
Under what circumstances does cmake place a fixup_bundle command in dependencies.cmake? I've got a problem where fixup_bundle is being created without reference to DESTDIR, and install fails when DESTDIR is used.

This is the generated dependencies.cmake file:
function(gp_item_default_embedded_path_override path)
  set(path "@executable_path" PARENT_SCOPE)


set(plugins "")
list(APPEND plugins "$ENV{DESTDIR}${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}/bin/plugins/imageformats/libqgif.dylib")
list(APPEND plugins "$ENV{DESTDIR}${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}/bin/plugins/imageformats/libqico.dylib")
list(APPEND plugins "$ENV{DESTDIR}${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}/bin/plugins/imageformats/libqjpeg.dylib")
list(APPEND plugins "$ENV{DESTDIR}${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}/bin/plugins/imageformats/libqtiff.dylib")
list(APPEND plugins "$ENV{DESTDIR}${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}/bin/plugins/platforms/libqcocoa.dylib")

fixup_bundle("${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}/bin/rvu" "${plugins}" "/opt/local/libexec/qt5/lib;/opt/local/lib")

Randolph M. Fritz || +1 206 659-8617 || [hidden email]


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